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JONATHAN BOREHAM ASSOCIATES was formed in 1983 and has
transformed into INTEGRATED PLACEMENT.

Previously based at Pinewood Studios, England, Jonathan Boreham brings 30+years in the movie industry integrating global brands into hundreds of movies and thousands of television hours.

Jonathan has long term entrenched relationships with many varied and powerhouse multi -national companies. Over the years these brands have included;

Jaguar-Land Rover/Redbull/Bacardi-Martini/Ericsson and most recently Lotus Cars. These relationships are a primary and unique source of back end and film and television promotions by him. As a brand vision consultant Jonathan is a leading specialist with an amazing track record of success. He delivers entertainment marketing solutions with major brands seeking partnerships in the entertainment industry with their products.


On the flip side of the equation, Jonathan has close relationships with producers, talent and executives across a spectrum that could only be achieved with a deep history in the business. Because of his knowledge on both sides of brand integration continuum, he can better ensure that both parties achieve their stated objectives - a goal which also prevents the bridge burning many in this industry ignore. Along with extensive knowledge of entertainment and brand partners, his experience and connections bring branding, naming and pouring rights amongst many other skills which are a multiplier of the bottom line for everyone.


Peter Thompson is Jonathan's business partner and is based in England and handles all of the integration for productions emanating from Europe.   Peter, who started out working onset in tv and film production, before setting up his own brand placement company, Hatched Brands, has over 30 years experience specialising in the creation, implementation and management of a multitude of brand and product placement opportunities within the film, television, music and digital media industries.


He has achieved market-leading results on behalf of many global and smaller independent brands within the automotive, consumer leisure product, technological gadgetry, toys, kitchen goods and outdoor clothing industries which have included brands such as Ford, Maserati, Honda, Kia, Jeep, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Kenwood, and Bosch.  Many examples of Peter's extensive work can be found on the television and film integration pages of this website


Peter’s extensive experience in the use of brand and product placement within the entertainment industry has been combined with an extensive multi-sector contacts portfolio

Michael MacDermott who has eighteen years of movie experience having worked at Warner Bros studio in Burbank California and worked personally with renowned producer Scott Rudin joined forces with Jonathan to start a new chapter with “Integrated Placement”

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