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We are the agency for New York City Eyewear Specialist Tortoise and Blonde


Ignited by passion. Crafted by experts. Founded on the belief that quality eyewear can be classically constructed, yet affordable, all Tortoise & Blonde glasses are crafted by experts and customized to fit your unique vision.


In 2010, then 25-year-old Evan Weisfeld approached his father, Optometrist Steven Weisfeld, with the idea for high-quality, stylish prescription eyewear that was affordable for even the struggling college student. 


From that moment, Tortoise & Blonde was born, the rest is history... Evan saw a niche that needed filling–high-quality, stylish affordable prescription eyewear. 

From that moment, Tortoise & Blonde was born – giving you the reassurance that your eyes are getting the best, fashion-forward frames for you, plus the Optician’s seal of approval.


Check out their website     Wardrobe department make contact with us for further

                                                                                                     information regarding your production requirements.

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