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Integrated Placement is the global agency for Ritmo Mundo Watches. The brand have their headquarters in famed Beverly Hills, California. Ritmo has become synonymous with Hollywood studios, elite celebrities and VIP clients. 


In fact, the very first Ritmo watch collection the Gran Data Model 021 was inspired by and created at the request of legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor. 

The Ritmo office became a private showroom where clients could comfortably visit, shop and create without the disruption of the paparazzi. Wardrobe department please make contact with us either in America or England via the contact page or viewing and then calling your local region contact number.

Below is Ali Soltani the founder of Ritmo Mundo with various celebrities plus a photo of Ludacris wearing his watch from "The Fast and Furious" movie.

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Sly 4 19 2013 lr.JPG
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